Your “Haze-free” Singapore

SG Cityscape

Missing the clear skies in Singapore!  Hope this picture helps for the meantime….  until the haze goes away.

To really appreciate it, maximize your browser to full screen and click on the picture for a larger view.  It may a few seconds but its worth it!

This is what I like about cityscapes.  Especially when this picture was taken.  It was calm, quiet, and peaceful.  I practically have the place all by myself!

It took six frames to complete this picture.  All stitched up in post processing.  Notice the Marina Bay Sands Hotel?  Below is the 100% crop in my final picture.

SG Cityscape -w cropped

Look at those light and trees!  Of course, I can take the same picture in a single frame.  But would risk losing out on the details.  Moreover, the edge of the picture may not be as tack sharp especially on the wide lens.  So if you split the scene into multiple frames, you maintain enough resolution to preserve the details.

Only downside is the huge file size… almost 35MB!  Other than that, I’m not complaining!

Happy weekend!


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