Guest Blogger Day

The inspiration of my website is to give everyone a place where they can share, learn, and be inspired about photography.

And today is truly special as it is the first time that someone else is contributing to help achieve my vision.  It is with great pleasure to introduce to you a good friend and fellow photographer, Carmel Valencia!

I am an admirer of her work, especially her travel pictures and portraits.  Her pictures work because of its simplicity and composition.  These are the most basic elements you need to have in a good photograph.  For me, it always has a photojournalism style/effect, which i like very much.

After all, it is the essence of photography: story-telling.  And Carmel does it very well.  Through her article and pictures, she will share with you her inspiration and passion.

Please enjoy her blog, “A Story To Tell.”  Hope it will also inspire you to be story tellers through photography.

~ Brix






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Today marks the launch of my very own website.  It has been a blast to work on this project:  from conceptualization, preparation, development, and execution.  It took a good number of months but finally, it’s up-and-running.

Today also has a special date, 11.11.11.  And I use this date to represent the many “firsts” for me.  Of course, this site is a first for me.  It is also the first step for me to take my passion to another level.  Having rekindled my passion with photography back in 2007, I have learned a lot over the years.  And for me, photography is a continuous learning.  My approach is to always try something new and experiment when I shoot.  A lot of the pictures shown in my portfolio incorporate something that is new to me, or something that I have never tried before.

Part of learning is also sharing.  It is the main reason why this site exists.  It would be so much more fulfilling for me to share what I learned.  And it is my hope that I can achieve that through the site.  I will be sharing my own tips and techniques; gears and equipment; as well as materials and references that I come across which I would recommend.

I would also like to hear from you.  So, if you have any comments or feedback; questions or topics to share; or simply want to connect, please feel free to drop me a message ( or email me at

Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy the site!


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