About Brix

For many of us, childhood represents a time when we could explore our true passion.

Then life happens; we grow up and grow out of treasured hobbies – long forgotten over the other priorities of life.

But if we’re lucky enough, our passions find us again somewhere along the way; we are reunited with childlike wonder about what these passions meant to us then, and what they mean to us now.

Such is the case with Brix.

At the age of twelve, he found photography. Or perhaps, photography found him.

It would begin his lifelong affair behind the lens capturing emotions and events, landscapes and life, people and places; a chance to tell stories through images. And while growing up never presented him with the opportunity to pursue photography, all that has changed. Today, the advent of digital photography has allowed him a newfound love for the craft and he has rekindled his pursuit of images, sharing the passion with those around him. It is a continuous learning process, he says, and perhaps this is why it is something we can never quite let go of – the chance to grow as we learn.

For Brix, a chance to live life behind the lens has returned. And having learned from the past, he’s not looking to let go of this passion anytime soon now that it’s found him once again.

Article by Carmel VALENCIA, Photo by Louis PANG